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Final conference in Minsk, Belarusian State Technological University on September 12, 2018

Conference will take place in the third academic building of Belarusian State Technological University by address: Sverdlova str. 13a, Minsk, Belarus. Agenda: Agenda Minsk september 12th Presentations: Final report GrSU_12.09.18 Report BSTU UCY presentation ГГУ september 2018 New training programs, courses and didactic materials for master-level students of BSU Participation of RSI Nuclear problems in […]

10th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), 2nd – 4th of July, 2018.

EDULEARN18: 10th annual International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies The paper has the title: Development of Industry-Oriented, Student-Centred Master-Level Education in the Field of Physical Sciences in Belarus. The authors are: Anatolijs Zabasta, Nadezhda Kunicina, Joan Peuteman, Renaat De Craemer, Alexander S. Fedotov, Alexander K. Fedotov

Workshop WS9 in Nicosia on June 27-28th 2018

Agenda: Agenda Physics Nicosia June 2018_1 Presentations: 00_ppt_June_2018_Nicosia_KULeuven-1 00_ppt_June_2018_Nicosia_KULeuven_appl_physics-1 Report GSU_Meeting in Nicosia June 27-28th 1 Implementation and testing of courses, teaching materials and study programs (BSU) 2 Implementation curriculum and e-Books (BSU) Testing of new developed and modernised courses WP5PresentationJune2018_az-2 Physics_June_2018_AZ Reports in physics Meeting minutes: Minutes Nicosia 27-06-18 Meeting pictures:          

WS7 and MC6 meeting in Minsk on April 12 – 13st 2018

Agenda: Agenda Physics Minsk April 2018 Presentations: Implementation curriculum and Book on Functional Nanomaterials Implementation of courses, teaching materials and study programs 00_ppt_April_2018_Minsk_KULeuven_appl_physics 01_ppt_April_2018_Minsk_KULeuven F. Skorina Gomel State University report on the progress of the program WP5 Presentation April2018 Intermediary-Report-on-Quality-26.03.2018 testing report AZiravecka RTU Physics_Minsk_April_2018_AZ Meeting minutes: Minutes Minsk 12-04-2018 Meeting pictures:  

Belarusian teachers training at Riga Technical University, Latvia, Monday February 5th to Friday February 9th 2018

Agenda: Erasmus_teachers_Riga_Febr_2018 Presentations: Fedotov_A.K._Riga Ljubimov Riga Melnikova_ZhK_Riga Physics_Riga_teachers_Febr_2018_meeting-1 PM1 PM2 Presentation_Erasmus2018(rus) RIGA_Kasiuk RTU_Elemendmeeting_04022018 Teachers_seminar_Riga_February_2018_Physics-1 Trukhanov_RANI_Riga_04.02-09.02 Press release: Teachers training in Riga Febr 2018   Meeting pictures:

Management Meeting 5 and Workshop 6 on curricula development, acceptance and testing, November 30th – December 1st, 2017, Riga Technical University, Azenes 12/1, Riga

Agenda: Agenda Physics Riga November_2017 Presentations: 00_ppt_Nov_Dec_2017_Riga_KULeuven_appl_physics 01_ppt_Nov_Dec_2017_Riga_KULeuven 01_ppt_Nov_Dec_2017_teacher_training_KULeuven 3rd_Financial_report_Linda 01000-2.2.2-78 (2)_Invitation Evaluation-and-Monitoring-tv-FINAL-30.11.2017 Improvement_of_master-level_education_in_the_field_of_physical_sciences_in_Belarusian_universities Physics_Riga_November_2017_AZ_1 Presentation-Riga-Nov-Dec-2017-WP2_Book_on_Functional_Nanomaterials Presentation-Riga-Nov-Dec-2017-WP2_Development_and_modernizing_of_curricula Presentation-Riga-Nov-Dec-2017-WP6_Management RTU General_L.Ribickis report (ERASMUS+) ГГУ в RTU 2017 (english)2 Meeting pictures:  

Belarusian student training at Riga Technical University, Latvia, Monday September 25th to Friday October 6th 2017

Market_surveilanceStudent training at Riga Technical University: – Work Package 2.4: Development and modernizing of curricula – Students training – Student training of Belarusian students at Riga Technical University, Faculty of Power and Electrical Engineering, Azenes 12/1, Riga, LV 1048 Program from Monday September 25th to Friday October 6th 2017: Erasmus_Students_Riga_2017 Presentations: Students_Riga_Sept_2017_Physics Electronics of Surface […]